How to Watch Hotstar From Anywhere

Do you want to watch Disney+ Hotstar ?

If yes, you are at the right place as we will cover the five simple steps to watch Disney+ Hotstar in UAE in this easy guide.

Disney Plus was released in India in April 2020, but it did not release there as a stand-alone platform, it rather became a part of Hotstar, naming the collaboration as Disney+ Hotstar. Currently, Disney+ Hotstar India has the biggest content library among all Disney+ regions. Disney+ Hotstar is also available in Indonesia but the content diversity is not as good as compared to Disney+ Hotstar India.

If you wish to access Hotstar from anywhere and watch all the movies and TV shows you are not able to watch, then follow this guide and learn how you can use a VPN.

How to Watch Disney+ Hotstar

You can watch Disney+ Hotstar  by following the easy steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Log in to the VPN app and connect to an Indian server.
  4. Visit Disney+ Hostar’s official website.
  5. Log in to Hotstar and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Why you need a VPN to Watch Get Hostar?

Disney+ Hotstar is only available in India and Indonesia at the moment and is geo-restricted elsewhere. Users residing in the UAE cannot directly access Hotstar due to the geo-blocking restrictions.

To get rid of this geo-restriction, you will need a VPN that can easily unblock Hotstar anywhere. A VPN will let you change your virtual location by connecting to one of its servers from the Indian region and unblock Hotstar with ease. A VPN masks your IP and DNS and helps you bypass the geo-restrictions.

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